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About Bill Freeman and Freeman Productions

Freeman Productions has been in the entertainment business since 1980 providing music for weddings and receptions, private parties, corporations, radio, theatre, and nonprofit groups throughout North Carolina. We also provide voice-over talent for videos and websites.

Freeman Productions is owned and operated by Bill Freeman. Bill has an impressive 30+ year career in the music and entertainment industry.

His resume includes:

  • Present - Department Chair of Media Technologies and instructor for radio and audio production classes. General manager of college station WDCC 90.5 FM, Sanford, and oversees the operation of WUAW 88.3 FM, Erwin.
  • 2002 - graduated Magna Cum Laude UNC Greensboro, BFA in technical theatre and design.
  • 1998 - Lead Instructor of the Broadcast Production Technology department Central Carolina Community College.
  • 1991 - Technical Director, Scenic Designer, Actor for regional professional theatre company.
  • 1988 - Audio engineer on Thru the Harp, Michael Deep, Higher Octave Records. Released in US and Japan 1989.
  • 1980 - Started mobile DJ company.
  • 1978 - Radio announcer/DJ. Formats included country, top 40 and rock.
  • 1975 - Audio and lighting technician with regional bands, traveling throughout the southeast performing in clubs and small concert venues.

Tips to Hiring a DJ

  • ALWAYS finalize with your disc jockey no later than one week before your event. It is also important that your disc jockey knows how to pronounce important names.
  • The ability to communicate with an audience clearly and tastefully is a talent. During the reception, your disc jockey will inform you, your family members and vendors before an activity occurs so that everyone is prepared.
  • It is important that you inform the DJ of your musical preferences. If there are songs you do not want to hear, remember to make that known as well.
  • Seat older family or guests that may be sensitive about the sound furthest from the loudspeakers. Although a professional disc jockey will monitor the sound for reasonable noise levels, it is important that you know where the speakers will be placed since inevitably the volume will be louder as you get closer to the speakers. It is recommended that your DJ raise the speakers above head level to get more sound coverage and avoid “in your face” sound which can often make it difficult to have a conversation.
  • Place the disc jockey in a location that is not obstructed. The DJ will usually be your emcee, which means he/she needs to have a clear view of you and your guests to do an efficient job. If you place them in a room away from your guests or in a corner with an obstructed view, it will make entertaining and coordinating your event difficult.
  • Discuss cocktail and dinner music ahead of time. Cocktail and dinner time may be the perfect time to work in those non-dance favorites or play music for your older guests that may leave early.
  • Hire your disc jockey so that he is set-up and ready to go before your guests arrive, even if you are hiring musicians for cocktails/dinner. Remember that your disc jockey will be making preliminary announcements which may include bridal party introductions, toasts and other general information. Your disc jockey also serves as a “back-up” plan if your musicians show up late or take breaks.
Venues We've Performed

  • Radisson, RTP
  • Sheraton Imperial Hotel, Durham
  • Marriott Crabtree, Raleigh
  • The Carolina/Pinehurst Hotel, Pinehurst
  • Capitol City Club, Raleigh
  • Sheraton Four Seasons, Greensboro
  • Pine Needles/Mid Pines Resort & Golf Club, Southern Pines
  • Walnut Lane Inn, Pleasant Garden
  • Carolina Trace Country Club, Sanford
  • Fort Bragg Officers Club, Fort Bragg
  • Pinewild Country Club, Pinehurst
  • Sarah P. Duke Gardens, Durham
  • Wilrik Ballroom, Sanford
  • Croasdaile Country Club, Durham
  • Koka Booth Amphitheatre, Regency Park, Cary
  • Kildaire Farms Club House, Cary
  • The Fair Barn, Pinehurst
  • American Tobacco Bay 7, Durham
  • Woodlake Country Club, Vass
  • Barclay Villa, Angier
  • Westlake Valley Clubhouse, Sanford
  • MacGregor Downs Country Club, Cary
  • Dennis Wicker Civic Center, Sanford
  • The State Club, Raleigh
  • Exploris, Raleigh
  • Chef Paul's, Sanford
  • Sister's Garden, Raleigh
  • 111 Place, Cary
  • Cafe Luna, Raleigh
  • Elks Club, Sanford

Memberships and Organizations

North Carolina Association of Broadcasters


Board member – Old Gilliam Mill Park (non profit)